Week 4 Omeka Practicum

For this practicum, we will set up the content management system (CMS) known as Omeka, and you will build a small collection on some historical topic of interest to you.

  1. First, review Omeka documentation on Site Planning Tips and How You Might Use Omeka
  2. Be sure you have installed Omeka on your Reclaim server and the SimplePages plugin installed in Omeka
  3. Choose a historical topic as the subject for your mini-exhibit. Don’t stress over this, it’s not particularly important what you choose.
  4. Add at least 10 items to Omeka related to your subject. Fill in as much metadata as you can. Great resources for items to add would be:
    1. Library of Congress
    2. National Archives Photo Collections
    3. Public Domain Review
    4. Lots more here: Wikipedia: Public Domain Image Sources
  5. Create at least 1 collection that includes several items along a common theme.
  6. Share your Omeka site URL by writing a short blog post of approximately 150-200 words that describes your collection, and why you selected the items you did. Don’t forget to embed the link in the post!