Week 15: Wrapping Up

In this final week, we’ll be tying up loose ends for the Poor Farm Project, launching and sharing the project site, considering what we’ve learned, and planning next steps.

Tuesday, December 3

  1. Meet as teams to briefly discuss: are there any unresolved issues or “wrap-up” work that remains to be done for your team? If so, who will do it, and when?
  2. In groups of no more than 3, review Omeka projects in the “Examples and Case Studies” section of the Omeka Classic documentation. Consider how our site should be organized, and features it could include, based on what you see in analogous sites. Be prepared to discuss these in the second half of class.

Thursday, December 5

Site launch!

Be prepared to discuss:

  1. The possible future of the Poor Farm records project.
  2. At least two specific goals for using your digital skills and knowledge in the future (ex: “I plan to develop a website to archive and make available oral history interviews with my family” or “I plan to post my CV and copies of my academic work on my site.”)

I’ll also share the question for your final learning evaluation at the end of class today.