Week 13: Voices of the Past

In this week, we will explore

  • the use of digital technology in the field of oral history
  • the intellectual and ethical questions around the practice of oral history

Tuesday, November 19

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We will have the pleasure of a conversation with Kevin Farkas, a public historian and director of The Social Voices Project, “an innovative public interest media company specializing in creative grass-roots media production and podcasting partnerships with community-oriented individuals and organizations.” 

Review the website for The Social Voice Project. Be sure to browse through some posts on the blog section and give a listen to some items in the Oral History collection and their podcast library. You can also read a news story about his work with veterans

Thursday, November 21

Building on the conversation from Tuesday’s class, review the brief readings below and write a single journal entry based on all the readings in preparation for our in-class discussion.