Week 12: Exhibit Teams and Reflection Assignments

Tuesday, November 12

We will not meet for class this week.  Instead, I have a few tasks for you:


I’d like to meet with each team on either Tuesday or Thursday of this week during our regular class time, to review progress and remaining tasks.  Decide within your team on the best time, and designate 1 person to enter your team’s chosen time slot on the Doodle Poll

I will repeat: do not reply to this poll individually.  Discuss as a team and designate 1 person to enter the time, though everyone from the team should attend.  Most of the times are during our class time or in common hour, so everyone should generally be available


We have about a month left in the semester. Write a blog post of 250-400 words reflecting on your learning in the course thus far in the semester.

  • What new skills or perspectives have you gained?
  • What has surprised you the most?
  • What topics or concepts have most interested you?
  • What could you improve upon to get the most out of your learning for the remainder of the semester?
  • What learning do you think is most likely to be carried forward out of the course?


By now most of you are well under way (or in some cases, nearing completion) with the work required for the class Poor Farm Records project.  Reflect on this work so far in a blog post of 250-400 words.

  • What was the biggest challenge you have faced in working on the project? How have you addressed it?
  • What, if any, new skills has the project taught you?
  • What has the work on the project taught you – about yourself, digital history, the history of poverty or social welfare in America – that you didn’t understand before?
  • How could the project (whether as a class assignment or a public digital history project) be improved moving forward?

Blog posts are due by class meeting time on next Tuesday, November 19

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.