Week 10: Building Your Toolbox

Tuesday, October 29

This week we’ll be gathering together a “toolbox” of various ready-made tools you can use to interpret and present historical content.  Some we’ve used before, others will be new.

KnightLab tools – for mapping, timelines, sound annotation, etc.

ThingLink for annotating images and video

Neatline – set of plugins for Omeka that enable features such as timeline maps, interactive visuals, and more

Thursday, October 31

For this practicum, use one of the tools above that you did not use in class on Tuesday to build your “toolbox” of skills.  Possibilities might include:

  1. Make a StoryMap of your life (or a period from your life) with at least 6 points
  2. Create a Timeline of the history of your favorite music genre, or some other topic.
  3. Create a ThingLink annotation of an image or video, annotating it with at least 5 tags.
    1. Here’s a 6-minute video I made demonstrating how ThingLink works; apologies for a bit of background noise – I had to record it while working in a coffeeshop!
  4. Do a Juxtapose of a historical photograph of a landmark and present-day views from Flickr.
  5. If you really want to stretch yourself, install Neatline in your Omeka, and try to create something with it! Helpful User Guides are here

These are just some suggestions – feel free to expand or take it in a different direction. After you’ve made your object, and are satisfied with it, be sure to save it.

Write a blog post of about 250 words, discussing how this tool might be useful for interpreting historical information, and its particular advantages or “value-added.” Embed your object directly into your post. (For a reminder on how to do embedding in WordPress, see “HTML Embeds” on WordPress Support).

As always, I’m available by email to answer questions or help if you have a problem.  Have fun!

Due 11:00 am Tuesday, November 5