Week 1: Introductions to Digital History

In this week, we will explore:

  • A basic history of computer technology & how the Internet works
  • Why and how digital tools can benefit historical scholarship
  • the existing digital history and digital humanities community
Tuesday, January 23
Unit 1

Introduction & Basics of Digital Technology


Video: “How the Internet Works”

Bush, Vannevar. “As We May Think.” The Atlantic, July 1945.

Cohen & Rosenzweig, Digital History, “Introduction


Unit 2

In this unit, we will explore:

  • a typology of digital history projects
  • criteria for assessing quality and effectiveness of digital projects
  • establishing your own digital presence & identity

Lecture: Digital History Projects: A Taxonomy


“Digital Project Review Guidelines” The Public Historian

In-class work: Digital History Reviews (You may visit any of these ahead of time; I will assign you a site to review in class)

 Blog Assignment

For next week, you should publish a 200-300 word blog post, sharing one of the sites above, or another of your choice. Discuss in your blog post:

  • The project’s type and purpose, with a brief description
  • Who created and maintains the project
  • What you think are its strengths and weaknesses
  • What the project does digitally that cannot be accomplished through analog means

Send your blog post to my email by 9:00 am Tuesday, January 30


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