Exam 1 Part II

Select five of the eight digital history projects below.  For each, choose one of the four taxonomic categories below that best describes the type of project, and briefly explain why that category is appropriate.  If you feel more than one category is applicable, explain your rationale.

  • Online Archive
  • Digital Scholarship
  • Digital Exhibit
  • Teaching Resource
  1. https://newsinteractive.post-gazette.com/african-american-historic-sites/
  2. http://wardepartmentpapers.org/
  3. http://vectorsdev.usc.edu/NYCsound/777b.html
  4. https://sheg.stanford.edu/history-lessons
  5. http://americaspublicbible.org/
  6. http://www.bsu.edu/libraries/wmr/index.php
  7. http://www.americanyawp.com/
  8. http://renodivorcehistory.org/

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